Conquer SAT Vocabulary For Higher Reading & Verbal Scores! by Christian Heath

Udemy course Conquer SAT Vocabulary For Higher Reading & Verbal Scores! by Christian Heath

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  • Author: Christian Heath
  • Course rating: 3.5
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  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Christian Heath

My name is Christian Heath – tutor, entrepreneur, and educator! Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about me and how my company and I might be able to help you.

Conquer SAT Vocabulary For Higher Reading & Verbal Scores!

What the udemy Conquer SAT Vocabulary For Higher Reading & Verbal Scores! course teaches?

What you’ll learn Answer more SAT vocab questions correctly. Get higher verbal and reading scores on the SAT test. Understand a perfect-scoring pro SAT tutor’s point of view on SAT vocab skills and tactics. Learn new vocab words faster and more efficiently. Build a powerful life-long vocabulary for academics, career, and personal enrichment.

A course on score-improving SAT vocab secrets from a pro SAT prep tutor.

More information about the course Conquer SAT Vocabulary For Higher Reading & Verbal Scores!

Welcome! My name is Christian and I’m a highly-experienced pro SAT tutor with multiple perfect test scores under my belt. SAT Vocabulary has always been a speciality of mine, even since I was in high school myself. Because of my daily habits, careful planning, and elite-level SAT tutoring, I found it quite easy to get a perfect score on SAT vocabulary by the time I was in 10th grade. Since graduating from a Top-10 ranked college and founding my own SAT tutoring business Love the SAT!, I’ve helped coach hundreds of high school students to higher SAT verbal scores in under 5 years though my natural gift and talent (even passion!) for vocabulary skills. Let me share my natural gifts of vocab with you (or your high schooler) so that you too can get closer to YOUR perfect score on the SAT vocab and verbal sections. These timeless lessons will apply to any college-bound high schooler aspiring to develop their vocabulary for SAT / ACT testing and for all the college-level vocabulary that they will soon encounter. This complete introduction to SAT vocabulary skills includes: Over an hour of high-definition video from a perfect-scoring, highly experienced pro SAT tutor. Hi-def video and audio gives me the chance to share my knowledge of vocabulary without a crummy audio-visual experience getting in the way. More than 20 independent lectures on score-boosting topics from the best vocab flashcard techniques to the true value behind vocab shortcuts like roots, prefixes, and suffixes. ( For example, d o you know how you can use cutting-edge technology and a three-thousand-year-old language to boost your SAT vocab score?) Supplemental materials are included in the course, like PDF articles from our SAT prep blog archives with exclusive content you won’t get from anybody else. Final Review Quiz . Demonstrate your knowledge and increase your confidence and comprehension with the comprehensive end-of-course quiz. 30-day money back guarantee (no questions asked). This is extended by Udemy and I fully support your right to be satisfied with the video course or else get a complete refund. If you’re still reading, this course was tailor-made for YOU – now it’s time to take action! Click the “Enroll” button at the top-right of your screen to take this course and get your SAT vocab score going up in under 60 seconds!

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