Configuring Fortigate Unified Threat Management Appliances by Daniel Botescu

Udemy course Configuring Fortigate Unified Threat Management Appliances by Daniel Botescu

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  • Author: Daniel Botescu
  • Course rating: 4.4
  • Category: IT & Software
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Daniel Botescu

I am an IT professional with more than 12 years of experience in multiple segments of Information Technology. I hold an BS in Computer Science and an MSC in Information Security apart from multiple industry leading certifications like Project Management Professional, VMWare VCP, Microsoft MCSA, Citrix CCA to name just a few.

Configuring Fortigate Unified Threat Management Appliances

What the udemy Configuring Fortigate Unified Threat Management Appliances course teaches?

What you’ll learn Install a Fortigate UTM Understand the functioning of the UTM device Configure basic parameters of the device Create policies for traffic Create objects and work with virtual IPs Learn to configure users on the device Configure logs and additional logging parameters Create VPN connections Create and use web filters for traffic Create antivirus and application filters Get to know the new version of FortiOS, namely 5.4 Perform device recovery and use additional tools Deploy Fortinet Wifi Access Points and use the FortiOS Wifi Controller Understand and use the Transparent Mode Understand VDOMs Deploy the Fortinet Single Sign-on solution Configure and deploy SSL VPNs and portals Create Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels Understand and use the Data Leak Prevention function Show more Show less

Build up your network security knowledge by learning how to use the no. 1 UTM Appliance available

More information about the course Configuring Fortigate Unified Threat Management Appliances

*** Course updated with new information and new activities! See below! *** Today we live in a world where network and cyber security are two of the most important subjects. Everyone is talking about them, about how to protect the network and how to protect end-users against malicious attackers. Network security is one of the big trends with unparalleled growth, because the number and severity of attacks in increasing everyday. Businesses all around the globe are finding out the hard way that if you are not paying attention to how you secure your IT infrastructure, you stand to lose not only huge amounts of money, but also you can lose your reputation. This course covers one of the best tools you can deploy in your fight against IT threats, namely the Fortigate UTM and how you can use this tool to take control of your network while assuring that you are protected. You will learn how the Fortigate UTM works, how to configure it and adapt it to your business, how to protect your users with it along with your network and how to prevent incidents from the inside of your network. You also have powerful reporting available within the device. By the end of this course you will be able to transform your network security with a very powerful device and have the solid skills that you can use in the future to expand your knowledge. *** Course Updated – 30.12.2016 *** In the update you will find lessons regarding the FortiOS 5.4 Update, recovery procedure and productivity tools, Wifi deplayment with Fortinet Wifi Access Points, Transparent Mode, Virtual Domains, Single Sign-On, SSL VPN, Site-To-Site VPN, Data Leak Prevention, E-mail Filtering and Intrusion Prevention

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