Complete Web Application Hacking & Penetration Testing by Muharrem AYDIN

Udemy course Complete Web Application Hacking & Penetration Testing by Muharrem AYDIN

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  • Author: Muharrem AYDIN
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Abouth Muharrem AYDIN

After 20+ years of software engineering experience with titles of software developer, product manager, and integration architect, I have been working in cyber security domain for last 15 years. I am not only a cyber security expert but also the head and kick-starter of a cyber security consultancy unit.

Complete Web Application Hacking & Penetration Testing

What the udemy Complete Web Application Hacking & Penetration Testing course teaches?

What you’ll learn Ethical hacking involves a hacker agreeing with an organization or individual who authorizes the hacker to levy cyber attacks on a system. Becoming an ethical hacker involves learning at least one programming language and having a working knowledge of other common languages like Python, SQL, C++ Many hackers use the Linux operating system (OS) because Linux is a free and open-source OS, meaning that anyone can modify it. It’s easy to access. Ethical hacking is legal because the hacker has full, expressed permission to test the vulnerabilities of a system The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification exam supports and tests the knowledge of auditors, security officers, site administrators, security. Passing the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) exam indicates that the credentialed individual is an expert in the governance of information security The different types of hackers include white hat hackers who are ethical hackers and are authorized to hack systems, black hat hackers who are cybercriminals. Penetration testing, or pen testing, is the process of attacking an enterprise’s network to find any vulnerabilities that could be present to be patched. There are many types of penetration testing. Internal penetration testing tests an enterprise’s internal network. Penetration tests have five different stages. Security experts will also gather intelligence on the company’s system to better understand the target Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing Terms, standards, services, protocols and technologies Setting up Virtual Lab Environment Software and Hardware Requirements Modern Web Applications Web Application Architectures Web Application Hosting Web Application Attack Surfaces Web Application Defenses Core technologies Web Application Proxies Whois Lookup DNS Information Subdomains Discovering Web applications on the Same Server Web Crawling and Spidering – Directory Structure Authentication Testing Brute Force and Dictionary Attacks Cracking Passwords CAPTCHA Identifying Hosts or Subdomains Using DNS Authorization Testing Session Management Testing Input Validation Testing Testing for Weak Cryptography Client Side Testing Browser Security Headers Using Known Vulnerable Components Bypassing Cross Origin Resource Sharing XML External Entity Attack Attacking Unrestricted File Upload Mechanisms Server-Side Request Forgery Creating a Password List: Crunch Attacking Insecure Login Mechanisms Attacking Improper Password Recovery Mechanisms Attacking Insecure CAPTCHA Implementations Inband SQL Injection over a Search Form Inband SQL Injection over a Select Form Time Based Blind SQL Injection ethical hacking cyber security android hacking hacking Ethical Intelligence Ethical Hacker Show more Show less

Learn hacking web applications, hacking websites and penetration test with my ethical hacking course and becomer Hacker

More information about the course Complete Web Application Hacking & Penetration Testing

Hello, Welcome to my Complete Web Application Hacking & Penetration Testing course. Web Applications run the world. From social media to business applications almost every organization has a web application and does business online. So, we see a wide range of applications being delivered every day. Whether you want to get your first job in IT security, become a white hat hacker, or prepare to check the security of your own home network, Udemy offers practical and accessible ethical hacking courses to help keep your networks safe from cybercriminals. Penetration testing skills make you a more marketable IT tech. Understanding how to exploit servers, networks, and applications means that you will also be able to better prevent malicious exploitation. From website and network hacking, to pen testing in Python and Metasploit, Udemy has a course for you. Our Student says that: This is the best tech-related course I’ve taken and I have taken quite a few. Having limited networking experience and absolutely no experience with hacking or ethical hacking, I’ve learned, practiced, and understood how to perform hacks in just a few days. I was an absolute novice when it came to anything related to penetration testing and cybersecurity. After taking this course for over a month, I’m much more familiar and comfortable with the terms and techniques and plan to use them soon in bug bounties. FAQ regarding Ethical Hacking on Udemy: What is Ethical Hacking and what is it used for ? Ethical hacking involves a hacker agreeing with an organization or individual who authorizes the hacker to levy cyber attacks on a system or network to expose potential vulnerabilities. An ethical hacker is also sometimes referred to as a white hat hacker. Many depend on ethical hackers to identify weaknesses in their networks, endpoints, devices, or applications. The hacker informs their client as to when they will be attacking the system, as well as the scope of the attack. An ethical hacker operates within the confines of their agreement with their client. They cannot work to discover vulnerabilities and then demand payment to fix them. This is what gray hat hackers do. Ethical hackers are also different from black hat hackers, who hack to harm others or benefit themselves without permission. Is Ethical Hacking a good career? Yes, ethical hacking is a good career because it is one of the best ways to test a network. An ethical hacker tries to locate vulnerabilities in the network by testing different hacking techniques on them. In many situations, a network seems impenetrable only because it hasn’t succumbed to an attack in years. However, this could be because black hat hackers are using the wrong kinds of methods. An ethical hacker can show a company how they may be vulnerable by levying a new type of attack that no one has ever tried before. When they successfully penetrate the system, the organization can then set up defenses to protect against this kind of penetration. This unique security opportunity makes the skills of an ethical hacker desirable for organizations that want to ensure their systems are well-defended against cybercriminals. What skills do Ethical Hackers need to know? In addition to proficiency in basic computer skills and use of the command line, ethical hackers must also develop technical skills related to programming, database management systems (DBMS), use of the Linux operating system (OS), cryptography, creation and management of web applications and computer networks like DHCP, NAT, and Subnetting. Becoming an ethical hacker involves learning at least one programming language and having a working knowledge of other common languages like Python, SQL, C++, and C. Ethical hackers must have strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically to come up with and test new solutions for securing systems. Ethical hackers should also understand how to use reverse engineering to uncover specifications and check a system…

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