CISCO CCNA -200-301 | Exam Practice Tests by Shahid Ayub

Udemy course CISCO CCNA -200-301 | Exam Practice Tests by Shahid Ayub

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CISCO CCNA -200-301 | Exam Practice Tests

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CCNA -200-301 | Exam Practice Questions with explanation

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In CISCO CCNA – 200-301exam, the following skills are examined: 1. Network Fundamentals – 20% 1.1 Explain the role and function of network components 1.2 Describe characteristics of network topology architectures 1.3 Compare physical interface and cabling types 1.4 Identify interface and cable issues (collisions, errors, mismatch duplex, and/or speed) 1.5 Compare TCP to UDP 1.6 Configure and verify IPv4 addressing and subnetting 1.7 Describe the need for private IPv4 addressing 1.8 Configure and verify IPv6 addressing and prefix 1.9 Compare IPv6 address types 1.10 Verify IP parameters for Client OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) 1.11 Describe wireless principles 1.12 Explain virtualization fundamentals (virtual machines) 1.13 Describe switching concepts 2. Network Access – 20% 2.1 Configure and verify VLANs (normal range) spanning multiple switches 2.2 Configure and verify interswitch connectivity 2.3 Configure and verify Layer 2 discovery protocols (Cisco Discovery Protocol and LLDP) 2.4 Configure and verify (Layer 2/Layer 3) EtherChannel (LACP) 2.5 Describe the need for and basic operations of Rapid PVST+ Spanning Tree Protocol and identify basic operations 2.6 Compare Cisco Wireless Architectures and AP modes 2.7 Describe physical infrastructure connections of WLAN components (AP, WLC, access/trunk ports, and LAG) 2.8 Describe AP and WLC management access connections (Telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, console, and TACACS+/RADIUS) 2.9 Configure the components of a wireless LAN access for client connectivity using GUI only 3. IP Connectivity – 25% 4. IP Services – 10% 5. Security Fundamentals – 15% 6. Automation and Programmability – 10% CISCO CCNA 200-301 Examination Information: · Multiple choice examination questions · 85-105questions · 82.5% marks required to pass · 120 minutes’ duration This course consists of 5 exam practice tests and each test contains 65 questions The practice tests are constructed to enhance your confidence to sit for real exam as you will be testing your knowledge and skills for the above-mentioned topics. Upon enrollment, you will receive unlimited access to the tests as well as regular updates. Best of luck!

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