Cheating Spouses & Domestic Cases by Johnston Blakley

Udemy course Cheating Spouses & Domestic Cases by Johnston Blakley

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  • Author: Johnston Blakley
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Abouth Johnston Blakley

My name is Johnston Blakley. I am a full time Private Investigator and part time filmmaker here in Florida. For the past 25 years, I have been locating, interviewing and doing surveillance on a variety of people; as well, I have developed and incorporated innovative photographic and editing skills which enhance my work. Although most of my investigatory work is related to the insurance industry, I have always had my hand in the domestic arena, doing cheating spouse, child custody and missing person cases. I have always enjoyed the challenge of difficult and unique cases so I will be teaching mostly from these. Because I have hired and trained numerous investigators over the years, I guarantee that you will learn a lot of useful information from my approach, whether you are an experienced Private Eye or someone who is dealing with a difficult personal issue. I am excited about getting to know you, as well as building new courses to meet your current and ongoing needs. Feel free to ask me any questions!

Cheating Spouses & Domestic Cases

What the udemy Cheating Spouses & Domestic Cases course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to work domestic / cheating partner cases How to handle domestic case clients Equipment used for various surveillance situations Strategies for various surveillance environments The psychology/nature/habits of various types of surveillance targets.

Tools, Techniques & Strategies for the Private Investigator

More information about the course Cheating Spouses & Domestic Cases

There are three sections to this Private Investigation course.  The first one is based in part on an actual case and deals with a cheating wife who the investigator calls a “Pro”.  The second section deals with a cheating husband case.  It’s more of a basic walk-through of a day-in-the-life of a Private Eye as he conducts surveillance on a client’s husband. Lots of tactics and unmanned cameras.  The third section deals with how to handle domestic case clients.  Who to accept as a client and who to avoid.

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