Certified natural medicine Diploma / Course #1 by Pr. Roch Domerego Academy

Udemy course Certified natural medicine Diploma / Course #1 by Pr. Roch Domerego Academy

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Abouth Pr. Roch Domerego Academy

Well inspired by close associates but also by people from the scientific community, Pr. Roch Domerego decided to set up a complete course around natural medicines. This exhaustive course has been built around his own experience as a Green Medicine Therapist and Research Scientist devoted to the manufacturing of natural medication and their use.

Certified natural medicine Diploma / Course #1

What the udemy Certified natural medicine Diploma / Course #1 course teaches?

What you’ll learn This one-and-a-half hour course focuses on the foundations of natural medicine, also known as green medicine. It clearly defines the 3 main axes that constitute the foundations of natural medicines and addresses the notions of pharmaceutical rules. It constitutes the indispensable base to follow and to understand the totality of the formation of Pr. Roch Domerego which has for objective to train you to become therapist in natural medicine.


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Prior to turning to natural medicine, you should be well aware of the reasons for doing so. Natural therapy is not just a passing fashion, it has always existed. But today, it has become an efficient, scientifically recognized solution and also overcomes the failings of allopathic medicine. When faced with the bacteria and virus resistance, dehumanization of the patient in mass medical practice, natural medicine emerges as a veritable asset for creating a symphony of therapies in today’s world. Thanks to the involvement of numerous researchers and physicians throughout the world, natural medicine has entered the age of science. It is no longer just an old wives’ cure ; today it has become a medicine whose results have been validated through studies and university protocols. Pr. Roch Domerego is one of those scientists who has devoted his entire life to laying the basis of natural medicine. A standing guest professor at the Calixto Garcia faculty of medicine in Havana, he has conducted several clinical studies which have led to the application of such techniques. He has thus been able to set down certain protocols guaranteeing the replication of results on the various patients. As Director of the API-AR International laboratory in Brussels for 11 years, he has pursued his work on medication of natural origin with a view to strengthening its efficiency and systematizing its production process. Today, in numerous countries, scientific protocols applied to natural medicine make render it more efficient and reproducible. But, Pr. Roch Domerego’s research has gone even further. It has highlighted the superiority of natural substances as opposed to allopathic medication for various pathologies. In many fields of interest, natural medicine hence displays its advantages. Pr. Roch Domerego has taught in several universities or has presented lectures in over 20 countries the world over. He is author and co-author of 14 books, some of which are benchmark publications. Our “Academy” endeavours to share the knowledge it has acquired over the years with the general public. Other instructors, all international experts, will be joining his team and offering you their expertise for optimal use of an excellent quality of Natural Medicine.

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