CCNA Security 210-260 – IINS v 3.0 – PART 4/6 by sikandar Shaik

Udemy course CCNA Security 210-260 – IINS v 3.0 – PART 4/6 by sikandar Shaik

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Sikandar Shaik CCIEx3 (RS / SP / SEC)

CCNA Security 210-260 - IINS v 3.0 - PART 4/6

What the udemy CCNA Security 210-260 – IINS v 3.0 – PART 4/6 course teaches?

What you’ll learn Describe common network security concepts Secure routing and switching infrastructure Deploy basic authentication, authorization and accounting services (AAA) Deploy basic firewalling services (ASA & IOS Based) Deploy basic site-to-site and remote access VPN services (IPSec & SSL) Describe the use of more advanced security services such as intrusion protection, content security and identity management

Firewall – Cisco ASA Firewalls – ASA ACLs – ASA NAT – IOS Zone Based Firewall

More information about the course CCNA Security 210-260 – IINS v 3.0 – PART 4/6

This Course is designed to prepare CCNA Security candidates for the exam topics covered by the 210-260 IINS exam. This is Fourth of 6 parts of the Complete CCNA Security 210-260 Exam.. This course allows learners to understand common security concepts, and deploy basic security techniques utilizing a variety of popular security appliances within a “real-life” network infrastructure. It focuses on security principles and technologies, using Cisco security products to provide hands-on examples. This Cisco self-paced course is designed to be as effective as classroom training. Course content is presented in easily-consumable segments via both Instructor Video and text. Makes the learning experience hands-on, increasing course effectiveness The revised CCNA Security (IINS v3.0) curriculum is designed to bring data, device, and administration together to have better network security, which is more relevant and valuable than ever. It is destined to meet the current business demand so that the network security professionals are able to acquire new knowledge, training and vital skills to be successful in evolving job roles. 1. Security Concepts – This section includes security principles, threats, cryptography, and network topologies. It constitutes 12% of the questions asked in the exam. 2. Secure Access – This section deals with secure management, AAA concepts, 802.1X authentication, and BYOD. It makes 14% of the exam. 3. VPN (Virtual Private Networks) – This focuses on VPN concepts, remote access VPNs, and site-to-site VPNs. It is 17% of the exam. 4. Secure Routing & Switching – This section concentrates on VLAN security, mitigation techniques, layer 2 attacks, routing protocols, and overall security of Cisco routers. That is 18% of the exam. 5. Cisco Firewall Technologies – This section is 18% of the exam and focuses on stateful and stateless firewalls, proxy firewalls, application, and personal firewalls. Additionally, it concentrates on Network Address Translation (NAT) and other features of Cisco ASA 9.x. 6. IPS – It is 9% of the exam and this portion focuses on network-based and host-based IPS, deployment, and IPS technologies. 7. Content and Endpoint Security – Constituting 12% of the exam, this section checks your understanding on the endpoint, web-based, and email-based threats. Later it leads to apt and effective mitigation technology and techniques to counter those threats.

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