Business KPIs & User Metrics analysis by David Kremlinsky

Udemy course Business KPIs & User Metrics analysis by David Kremlinsky

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  • Author: David Kremlinsky
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Abouth David Kremlinsky

I work for now 6 years in the software industry. Before that, I studied Business Management and completed an MBA in Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

Business KPIs & User Metrics analysis

What the udemy Business KPIs & User Metrics analysis course teaches?

What you’ll learn Become a data driven product manager Act on product/user metrics Interaction between user metrics User funnel (AARRR) analysis How to impact user metrics (Activation / Engagement/ Retention / Churn) Monetization KPI’s – Define relevant metrics Metrics by Industry (Marketplace, E-commerce, SAAS, gaming, mobile app) Define actionable KPIs Difference between leading metrics and lagging metrics Difference between vanity metrics and actionable metrics Analyze metrics using cohort analysis Answer interview questions on product KPIs Learn the most important revenue metrics: MRR, Revenue Churn, CAC, ARPU, CLV etc. Become pro-efficient looking at metric dashboards Show more Show less

All what you need to know on business KPIs and user metrics. Real-life examples, interview questions & more

More information about the course Business KPIs & User Metrics analysis

Hello and welcome to the course Product Management: Business KPIs & User Metrics analysis. In this course, you will learn #1 – How to look at user metrics & business KPIs #2- How to get relevant insights from your metrics #3- Hot to take actions on  your KPIs #4-  Design actionable KPIs. Working for a software company, it can be tricky to look at KPIs and fully understand how they are linked together and how should you act on them correctly. I was there 6 years ago and I quickly understood that if I want to take relevant decisions, I have to become an expert looking at Product KPIs. My Name is David Kremlinsky. I work for now 6 years in the software industry. Before that, I studied Business Management and completed an MBA in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. I am passionate about data and I decided to condense everything that I’ve learned about business KPIs and user metrics into an online course. What will you learn in this course? Straightforward: how to make data-driven decisions. As a product manager or decision-maker, your role is to focus on users . So we will look at each stage of the user funnel in a product. Acquisition, activation, Engagement, Retention, Revenue, we will stop for each one, understand: Why should we look at it? How to impact it? How is it linked to other metrics How to look at it? User metrics provide meaningful insights and actionable actions that will help you find product-market fit. But metrics like retention, churn, metrics, etc. are somehow misunderstood. Is 30% retention after 2 months a good number? How can you predict your MRR using user metrics? The answer to these questions is crucial for the future of your product/business. We will not only look at user metrics. We will link them to business metrics like revenue metrics. Depending on the monetization strategy, you have to measure and track different KPIs. You will learn how to read the MRR, CAC, ARPU, LTV metrics and get relevant insights that will help you in your decisions. At the end of this course, you will design KPIs for a known product, practice interview questions on KPIs and we will look at real data coming from a startup. I used real-life examples using the known product as Airbnb, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, etc, to cover a maximum of industries and make sure the knowledge you acquire doesn’t stop to a simple theoretical knowledge . For this purpose, you will practice on a real case. You will use everything you learned during the course to analyze the situation and give your thought. I want this course to be interactive ! So, don’t hesitate to send me feedback, contact me if you have any questions! After the course, you will be part of a community! I hope to share with you the best articles on product KPIs, open discussions on data and new courses, videos coming! I wish you good luck! David

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