Business Inventory Control by Eric Yeboah

Udemy course Business Inventory Control by Eric Yeboah

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  • Author: Eric Yeboah
  • Course rating: 3.6
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Eric Yeboah

My education is centered on business and marketing, I have studied with Chartered Institute of Marketing ( C.I.M-UK) from certificate in marketing, advance certificate in marketing to post graduate diploma in marketing. I proceeded to do master of business administration from central university graduate business school.

Business Inventory Control

What the udemy Business Inventory Control course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn inventory control concept Learn component of inventory control Inventory audits and cycle counts Factors leading to inventory inefficiencies Operational challenges in inventory management Lean about inventory health Inventory turnover as indicator of inventory health Good inventory control practices

Inventory health, components of inventory cost, inventory inefficiencies, inventory audit and cycle counts etc.

More information about the course Business Inventory Control

Inventory control is very important part of organization role in ensuring that their inventory is controlled and management successfully in their business operations, the need for successful inventory control is very important for the health of the business. It is very important for companies to deeply understand the inventory control and management concept, and understand why and when to avoid holding inventories in the organization. Good companies are very serious with their inventory control systems, any companies that want to be a market leader cannot joke with their inventory control and management systems because a lot of the firms don’t take serious control about their inventory and its affect them in the long around, it better for management to see inventory issues as a very important one and management it a such. We all must understand the components that constitute the inventory control such as ordering cost and carry cost that play a very significant role in the organisation and their inventory cost. Firms must also understand the inventory control audits and cycles counts to ensure a very good and successful inventory. Having a good inventory health in the firm is very important, some of the key factors to be considered to avoid inventory mismatch such as system issues, system discipline etc.

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