Bootstrap: Web App Development with Bootstrap 4: 2-in-1 by Packt Publishing

Udemy course Bootstrap: Web App Development with Bootstrap 4: 2-in-1 by Packt Publishing

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  • Author: Packt Publishing
  • Course rating: 3.5
  • Category: Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Packt has been committed to developer learning since 2004. A lot has changed in software since then – but Packt has remained responsive to these changes, continuing to look forward at the trends and tools defining the way we work and live. And how to put them to work.

Bootstrap: Web App Development with Bootstrap 4: 2-in-1

What the udemy Bootstrap: Web App Development with Bootstrap 4: 2-in-1 course teaches?

What you’ll learn Develop an app like Twitter Design a layout in CSS from scratch Design the look and feel of an application Mock Reddit’s response from a file Explore the Client Server process Look into AJAX calls

Start building responsive web applications with Bootstrap 4

More information about the course Bootstrap: Web App Development with Bootstrap 4: 2-in-1

Description Creating responsive and mobile friendly web applications has become much easier with the new Bootstrap 4 mobile first grid system. It is popular as a front-end framework that offers a wide set of tools from page grids to components that render a web application, all in the best possible way for any device. This comprehensive 2-in-1 course is step-by-step guide, closely focuses on developing interesting web applications in the most practical way. Learn Bootstraps components and elements, and customize them for your own project. Speed up front-end development and prototyping through real-life examples. Explore the essentials of building up a Reddit home page. Contents and Overview This training program includes 2 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible. The first course, Developing Web Application Using Bootstrap 4, covers everything you need to know to start building responsive web applications with Bootstrap 4 . This course will teach you various examples showing you how to create interesting web applications resembling Twitter using Bootstrap and how to master frontend frameworks . You’ll even use JavaScript plugins in the web application example.
The second course, Building a Reddit Clone with Twitter Bootstrap, covers how to design the look and feel of the application and building a Reddit home page. In this course you’ll be introduced to the language itself by building a simple Reddit clone . You’ll learn to use Bootstrap to design your application’s layout , but focus more on JavaScript. Throughout the course, you’ll fetch the Reddit APIs via AJAX calls and show them in the UI using Twitter projects. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to build responsive web application that looks like Twitter and a dashboard. About the Authors Silvio Moreto is a developer with more than 7 years’ experience with frontend technologies and has created many websites and web applications using the Bootstrap framework. From simple pages to complex ones, he has always used the Bootstrap framework. Silvio is also the creator of the bootstrap-select plugin, this plugin (very popular among the community) replaces a selected element with a Bootstrap button drop-down element. Silvio foresaw that a plugin like this one was missing in the original framework, and could be useful for the community. So he created the plugin, and the community helps him maintain it. Besides this, he is very active in the open-source community, participating in some open-source repository and issue communities, such as Stack Overflow. Also, he finished third in the worldwide Django Dash 2013 challenge. Anto Aravinth is a software engineer with a good knowledge in the development of web applications, primarily in JavaScript and Java/Grails. He is passionate about groovy, Java, Js, and React. He loves to work at startups. He can speak in terms of functional concepts such as closure, currying, and Monads. He is mostly into web development using Java and front-end technologies. He is an open source contributor to ReactJs, Groovy, and Selenium. He has authored Beginning Functional Programming in JavaScript. He was a technical reviewer for React Quickly.

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