Boost your kid’s self esteem and success with praise skills by Robin Booth

Udemy course Boost your kid’s self esteem and success with praise skills by Robin Booth

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  • Author: Robin Booth
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Abouth Robin Booth

Robin Booth is an international expert in providing emotionally intelligent solutions to everyday parenting challenges. Over the last 15 years he has supported hundreds and thousands of teachers and parents from around the world create breakthroughs in getting their children to cooperate with them.

Boost your kid's self esteem and success with praise skills

What the udemy Boost your kid’s self esteem and success with praise skills course teaches?

What you’ll learn Consciouly and strategically increase your child’s self esteem and confidence. Be able to praise whenever you want to, no matter how you feel about it. Know which praise words and phrases to avoid as those words do more damage than good. You will be able to use 10 different and awesome praise techniques with your children. You will have a plan of action to adapt each skill to your specific family situation. You will know how to always praise honestly and authentically, everytime, and as many times as you wish. No risk of over praising. You will have summary print out sheets to help you integrate the skills into every day practise. You will have access to our skill integration programme to help you remember these over a 3 week period.

Increase your child’s confidence and success with this step by step guide (while avoiding the risk of over praising).

More information about the course Boost your kid’s self esteem and success with praise skills

Over 87% of parents are using traditional praise techniques that are outdated and although used with good intentions, are actually damaging their child’s success. If you say things like: “Good job! That’s a pretty picture, or I’m so proud of you!” then you need to learn the alternatives to those words! Incorrect praise can manipulate children, create praise “junkies”, steal a child’s pleasure, decrease interest, and reduce achievement. I don’t believe this is what you are wanting for your child, and this course is an opportunity for you  to master the skills to boost their confidence and give them a winning attitude for success. If you believe in honest and authentic praise, while avoiding the risk pf  over praising, then these skills will give you everything you need. The skills you will master in this course: Content praise Process praise Effort praise Praise when sharing your feelings Summative Praise Praising your favourite part Descriptive Praise Personal Praise Written praise Cooperation Praise This is more of a ‘no-nonsense scientific approach’ to praise rather than wishy washy unproven skills. With this course you get summary print out sheets, quizes to support your learning and action plans to transform this into your home environment. How you praise your child will directly impact their well being and future success. Let these skills became an asset to your home opposed to something that turns out to undermine and damage. _____________________________________________________________ Give yourself a fresh start by enrolling in this life-changing course now. Every moment you delay, not only do you lose out, but so does the future success of your child. All future updates to this course are free –
you are “locked-in” at the current price and you will never
pay more if you enrol today at the introductory price . And there’s a 30 day absolutely no questions asked full
money back guarantee – if you don’t get a breakthrough or don’t find
value, then I didn’t do my job in supporting you right! This is my
personal promise to you and your children! You really cannot lose! In fact I am so confident that in what I
teach that within the first 20 minutes you will learn a skill that will totally change the way in which you praise.

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