Ben’s Business English Course by Benjamin Weinberg

Udemy course Ben’s Business English Course by Benjamin Weinberg

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Course data:

  • Author: Benjamin Weinberg
  • Course rating: 3.8
  • Category: Teaching & Academics
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Benjamin Weinberg

Benjamin Weinberg¬†has been an ESL teacher and instructor for the past four and a half years. Ben earned his TEFL / TESOL certification from the International TEFL Academy back in December of 2013. He has a wide variety of experiences in teaching English as a second language to students from around the world. Ben has taught English for companies and organizations such as Berlitz Inc., the Washington English Center, and the Huntington Learning Center. In addition, Ben spent a year living in Istanbul, Turkey where he taught English to high school students and also gave private tutoring to Turkish adults.¬† Continuing his adventures overseas, Ben recently lived in Medellin, Colombia and volunteered at a public high school helping Colombian students to improve their English proficiency as part of the Ministry of Education’s ‘Bilingual Colombia’ national initiative. He worked for a non-governmental organization based out of Bogota, Colombia.

Ben's Business English Course

What the udemy Ben’s Business English Course course teaches?

What you’ll learn My students will learn about the vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills necessary to succeed in the English-speaking business world. My students will improve their knowledge on marketing, management, commerce, advertising, and other topics related to doing business. My students will develop interpersonal skills as it relates to going to a job interview, talking to other employees and employers, as well as how to introduce oneself professionally. My students will be able to craft both a good resume and/or a good cover letter for professional usage.

Make your mark on the English-speaking business world by learning the necessary vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills!

More information about the course Ben’s Business English Course

“This Business English course will help you to develop your vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills in the areas of finance, marketing, sales, and other general business terms. From working on your resume and cover letter to preparing yourself for an interview, this particular course will cover it all. If you’re struggling with being able to get a job in an English-speaking company or would like to become better at presenting to your English-speaking colleagues, this course will help you out immeasurably. With a number of assignments after each lecture, my students will be challenged to master this crucial part of the English language.”

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