Beginning Modern Hand Embroidery: Make a Floral Hoop by Hilary Leslie

Udemy course Beginning Modern Hand Embroidery: Make a Floral Hoop by Hilary Leslie

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  • Author: Hilary Leslie
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Abouth Hilary Leslie

Hello! My name is Hilary and I’m an illustrator and hand embroidery artist. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, but in recent years I’ve discovered the world of modern embroidery and love turning my drawings into fiber art. Much of my work is inspired by the natural world, so florals and animals appear often!

Beginning Modern Hand Embroidery: Make a Floral Hoop

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Learn to Make a Floral Hoop

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Hello and welcome to my embroidery class! My name is Hilary Leslie and I’m an illustrator and hand embroidery artist for HLeslie Design. I first discovered the world of embroidery after picking up some embroidery supplies at a yard sale and playing around with the needle and thread. Once I started to learn some basic stitch types, I was absolutely hooked with this medium and started to create my own patterns based on my drawings. What is Embroidery? Embroidery is an ancient artform that involves decorating fabric and other materials using thread, beads, sequins, and even pearls. It’s a craft that requires patience and dedication, but I truly believe that anyone can learn! I love that this type of art exercises hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It is a craft that is travel-friendly, relaxing, and supported by a talented community of embroidery enthusiasts. What Will I Learn in This Course? This course will outline the fundamentals of hand embroidery and you will learn how to create your own floral hoop alongside me. You can use the skills in this course to create your own decorative hoops which make great gifts, ornaments, and home décor. What Can I Embroider in General?*hats*aprons*shirts*jean pockets*tote bags*tapestries*fabric for pillows*and much more! Do I Need Supplies to Complete This Course? Yes, but not too many! Embroidery is a craft that has relatively inexpensive tools. You can purchase a pack of needles for about $2.00, a hoop for $2.50-$5.00 and embroidery floss for $0.40-$0.60 per skein. Generally, the most expensive item you’ll buy as a regular embroiderer is the pattern itself (if you don’t create your own). I normally purchase my embroidery supplies from one of the following places: *Joann’s *Michael’s *Amazon For patterns, kits, and other supplies from independent artists, you can use Etsy or a local craft store. DMC’s website has free downloadable patterns, and they also sell fabric and cotton embroidery floss. To create the pattern I’ve created for this course, you’ll need: *a 5” wooden embroidery hoop (or plastic, but I think wooden hoops hold the cloth better) *a piece of cloth to fit your hoop (I use cotton in this course, but linen is also great) *an embroidery needle (I use a DMC size 5 in this course) *scissors *an air-erasable pen (to transfer your design onto the fabric) *embroidery floss (for the light floral palette, use DMC colors 3839, 3813, 932, 158, 3770, 3727. For the dark floral palette, use DMC colors 932, 154, 3866, 3052, 3770, 3042) You can also choose your own colors! How Are Lessons Presented in This Course? Each lesson is presented in video format, so you will be able to pause, rewind, and watch as many times as you need while you’re creating your hoop alongside me. The class is split into three segments: Preparing to Embroider Stitching Your Hoop Completing Your Hoop The lectures are as follows: Supplies Prepping Your Hoop Transferring Your Design Threading Your Needle and Tying a Knot French Knot Stitch Fastening Your Floss Woven Wheel Stitch Fishbone Stitch Straight Stitch Satin Stitch Loops Lazy Daisy Stitch Woven Wheel Stitch (without a center) Finishing Your Hoop Displaying Your Hoop Resources Provided You will be able to download the resource I’ve provided which is a PDF containing the pattern you will create and a photo with labels of each stitch type. The pattern comes in three different sizes depending on which hoop you’d like to create in this class (I recommend using the largest pattern which is for a 5” hoop). You will also have this pattern to use in the future if you’d like to recreate this hoop. Do You Provide Patterns Elsewhere? Yes! I have dozens of patterns on my Etsy shop (HLeslieDesign) and also provide kits. Each pattern comes in multiple sizes, just like the one for this class. Patterns also come with a full 28-page guide with photo examples, tips, and descriptions. The stitches you learn in this course pertain to almost all of my patterns…

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