Begin Your Acting Career like a Boss by Addison Witt

Udemy course Begin Your Acting Career like a Boss by Addison Witt

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  • Author: Addison Witt
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Abouth Addison Witt

My first commercial booking was in the mid 1990’s. The spot was a promo for the film ” Toy Story .” I started teaching commercial classes in 1999, and I had a lot of success. My career as a coach expanded, and I became a talent manager representing unknown actors for work in television and film. One led to the other. After early success as a talent manager I closed my acting studio, and only coached privately. I toured the US for speaking engagements and industry workshops while also building the careers of the people I represented. Landing an actor on the series ” Breaking Bad ” took my work and name internationally. In 2006 I starred in the reality series, ” Off the Leash ” on Lifetime TV. 2008 I appeared in ” Reality Obsessed, ” a Canadian reality series. And in 2012 I was asked to fly and live in London to star as one of the top 3 judges in ” Top Dog Model ,” on iTV2. In 2015 I guest starred on ” Swedish Wives of Beverly Hills ,” Sweden. When I returned to the US I launched a talent agency and resumed representing actors. And in 2015 I returned to talent management, and began an entirely new group of actors careers, helping them reach significant plateaus. I have produced “Three Short Plays”, directed ” Around the Bed”, and coached actors for more than 20 years. And for two decades I was a career maker for actors.

Begin Your Acting Career like a Boss

What the udemy Begin Your Acting Career like a Boss course teaches?

What you’ll learn Students will have greater clarity about the business of the entertainment industry in Hollywood Students will learn how roles are billed: co-stars, guest-stars, recurring, and series regular. Students will know the functions of their professional team; Personal Managers, Business Managers, Talent Agents, Publicists, Attorneys Students will know more about the casting process and what it means to book the room vs booking the job. Students will also learn about Industry Point of View

The working actors strategy

More information about the course Begin Your Acting Career like a Boss

Acting Business 101 is a 7 video series that will help actors who are either new to Hollywood or considering a move to Hollywood in the future. You will better understand how the acting industry is set up in LA. You will avoid needless false starts because you either don’t know what to do, or you are listening to the wrong people. You will know exactly what is needed to get your acting business off the ground and how all of the professional players fit together. The course is divided into 7 sections. Each one ranging from 2-7 minutes. Although I simplify the information, I make sure that all of the important details are included to make the most sense. You will know why you are being asked to take certain actions by your representation. You will have a clear understanding of the casting process. And you will begin to understand how to raise your value .

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