Become Financially Independent and Retire Early by Steve Antonioni

Udemy course Become Financially Independent and Retire Early by Steve Antonioni

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  • Author: Steve Antonioni
  • Course rating: 4.8
  • Category: Finance & Accounting
  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Steve Antonioni

Combining a degree in Accounting with several years of work experience in finance, my mission is to transform financial education. After feeling unfulfilled in a traditional career, I began the pursuit of FIRE (Financial Independence Early Retirement) and was able to quit my corporate 9-5 job and live life on my own terms. I run the Youtube Channel Cash College.

Become Financially Independent and Retire Early

What the udemy Become Financially Independent and Retire Early course teaches?

What you’ll learn This is the personal finance course you missed in school. How to invest in the stock market to achieve financial freedom (as a complete beginner). A down to earth, no-nonsense blueprint anyone can use to manage their money simply and effectively. Money saving, debt eliminating, income increasing strategies. The nuances of navigating early retirement financially.

Live life on your terms by achieving financial freedom much earlier than traditionally thought possible.

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In 3 years time I was able to grow my net worth from $0 to just under $100,000 and quit my boring, soul-sucking corporate finance job to work for myself . I’ve never been happier. How did I do it? The answer to that question is completely broken down, step by step in this course. Do you desire to live life on your own terms, the work YOU’RE passionate about, and complete projects of your own? How would it feel to be in control of your own future? Imagine being able to take a year off from work and not be concerned about money, retire in your 30’s, or being able to finally start that passion project. Personal finance is one of the most important aspects of life, yet no one teaches it to you! It seems like the people who have the most interest in helping you with personal finances: A: Want to manage your personal finances for you, just to take a high percentage of YOUR money ( aka expensive financial advisors ) B: Sell their latest course for upwards of a thousand dollars C: offer get rich quick schemes, from day trading to pyramid schemes There’s an overbearing amount of information on this topic, making it seem confusing – you can’t figure it out! Can you guess what the number one cause of anxiety is in North America? MONEY! I know I’ve sure felt anxiety about my money in the past. I’ve felt completely out of control, and eventually just accepted a sense of hopelessness. I had a “why bother” and a “I won’t be able to figure this out” mentality. It kept me stuck at jobs I hated and my mindset was frozen in place. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Trust me, I’ve been through the “traditional” finance system. I earned a degree in Finance and pursued a career in investing, learning treasure troves of valuable information along the way. I thought to myself, “I can really help a lot of people with this!”. Unfortunately, the investment industry’s last concern is helping people. The average financial advisor charges fees and commissions that cost the average person hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime – usually without them even knowing it! I had an extremely lucrative career in wealth management in front of me. But unlike the investment industry, my main concern WAS helping people so I decided to take everything I learned and walk away from my job. And so over the past number of years I’ve carved a new path for myself, and I hope, for others who want to take control of their lives and have the freedom that they always wanted. I set up a system to save over 70% of my income and then intelligently invest that money by leveraging statistically-sound, evidence-based investment strategies as well as leveraging the powerful technology and applications we now have available to us. Additionally, I leveraged financial psychology, investment philosophy, and personal development techniques to instil winning habits in myself. This quickly compounded my money to the point where I’ve achieved a level of financial freedom and security normally achieved by those in their middle ages. But here’s the thing… I’m 26 .  And at this rate, by the time I’m 30, I won’t have to work another day in my life if I don’t want to. So I’d ask you, what will your life look like if you don’t achieve the freedom you want? Will you be stuck in the same patterns you’re experiencing right now? Could it get even worse? What will it look like if you DO achieve the freedom you want? Maybe finally being able to start that hobby or passion project – or even early retirement. The ability to travel for more than that one short week you always seem to be stuck with. Reduced anxiety knowing that your family is going to be taken care of. Build an empire of assets by continuously rolling your wealth into different classes like real estate. Or maybe you want to be in a strong position to give back and support the causes that you believe in. The difference between those two futures is information and action . I have the information, you have to tak…

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