Become a Logic Pro Power User (Part 5) by Eddie Grey

Udemy course Become a Logic Pro Power User (Part 5) by Eddie Grey

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  • Author: Eddie Grey
  • Course rating: 3.5
  • Category: Music
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Become a Logic Pro Power User (Part 5)

What the udemy Become a Logic Pro Power User (Part 5) course teaches?

What you’ll learn Logic Pro X Graphic User Interface of Logic Pro DAW

Logic Pro X Training – Understanding The G.U.I.

More information about the course Become a Logic Pro Power User (Part 5)

Do you want to become a Logic Pro Power user? Apple Certified T3 Trainer, Eddie Grey will walk you through the process of learning the basic fundamentals of Logic Pro. With this course, Eddie wants to introduce Logic Pro to as many people as possible to teach them how to use it to improve their productions skills, write better music, and ultimately, monetize their music. In this course you will: Learn about Global Tracks Understand Primary Track Types Learn how to customize the Mixer Understand the 3 Main Routing Points Eddie Grey creates his courses for the “Modern Creative”. This is today’s beat makers, song writers, composers, producers etc. who are looking for a new and comprehensive way to learn all things Music Production. He has created courses for other Youtube channels such as Beat Academy. His latest course has over 4,500 downloads to date. If you have ever experienced any gaps in understanding Logic Pro, this is the course for you. We will explain everything you need to know to become a Logic Pro power user! You could watch Eddie’s hundred’s of hours of content on Youtube or you could watch this course which will save you time and energy. Eddie Grey is the official creator of the Logic Pro Curriculum for Learn Quest, which is an Apple training provider.

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