Basic Personal Finance Masterclass by Christopher Boudy

Udemy course Basic Personal Finance Masterclass by Christopher Boudy

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  • Author: Christopher Boudy
  • Course rating: 4.6
  • Category: Finance & Accounting
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Christopher Boudy

Christopher Boudy is a technologist, film maker, dad, and master gardener. Years ago, he started off on the path to become more financially sound and created with course with all the knowledge he gained. Over the course of his financial journey, Chris has been able setup a finical system for his family that has allowed him budget effectively, repair and maintain an excellent credit score, become a real estate and stock investor while also teaching others about money management.  Chris holds holds a Degree in Computer Information Systems and a Masters In Business Administration and while he’s not creating content on Udemy, he enjoy camping, working his garden, and spending time with his kids.

Basic Personal Finance Masterclass

What the udemy Basic Personal Finance Masterclass course teaches?

What you’ll learn How To Set Financial Goals How To Budget Effectively The Proper Way To Save Ways To Reduce Your Debt Understanding Credit How To Fix & Maintain Good Credit Ways To Invest The Best Tool To Learn About Investing Types of Income

Learn The Fundamentals of Financial Literacy

More information about the course Basic Personal Finance Masterclass

Everyone wants to be savvier and smarter with their money, but we aren’t taught in our younger years how to effectively manage our finances. The financial literacy 101 course does just that: it helps teenagers, young adults, and adults understand the fundamentals of finances and how to effectively use money. This course was built with modules that will help young kids and adults understand money principles while also helping adults get a basic understand of how they can work on things like debt reduction and repairing their credit. The tips, strategies, and principles in this course have been put into practice and use real-world examples.

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