AWS BUNDLE 2022- Master COMPLETE Amazon Web Services AWS by Harshit Srivastava

Udemy course AWS BUNDLE 2022- Master COMPLETE Amazon Web Services AWS by Harshit Srivastava

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Course data:

  • Author: Harshit Srivastava
  • Course rating: 3.7
  • Category: Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Harshit Srivastava

I am Self-Taught developer who had worked on various platforms using varied languages, and involved in various Projects both Open Source and Proprietary.

AWS BUNDLE 2022- Master COMPLETE Amazon Web Services AWS

What the udemy AWS BUNDLE 2022- Master COMPLETE Amazon Web Services AWS course teaches?

What you’ll learn On completion of this course you would be able to develop and deploy your applications over Amazon Cloud- Amazon Web Services. Having command over all the options, services and tools available. You could develop Mobile, Web, IoT, AI, and other applications. Learn to create an Object Storage, Alexa ChatBOT, DevOps Toolchain, etc You would learn about various Machine Leaning, DevOps, Security and other services You would also learn about Mobile, Analytics, Compute, Storage, Database and other cloud services

Learn all AWS services like lambda, S3, EC2, VPC and AWS fundamental concepts. A Beginners guide for AWS certification.

More information about the course AWS BUNDLE 2022- Master COMPLETE Amazon Web Services AWS

In this course, you would be learning a wide range of tools and services available on Amazon Web Services (also know as AWS for short). You will be learning all the available services under catalog, and things we can do with each service provided with platform and Infrastructure categories. This is a Bundle course , with very large learning content spanning more then 17 hours. So take time to learn and practice, and we are here to support you in your learning adventure on AWS. And if you dedicate your time in learning AWS skills and practice them accordingly, you could simply learn AWS in 30 days . If you are preparing for any kind of AWS Certifications , then you can take this course to build up your overall skills on wide range of tools and services in almost all the categories available on AWS. On completing this course, you would be very confident on your AWS cloud skills. What is AWS? AWS or Amazon Web Services is one of the leading cloud computing platform where you can use a wide array of cloud services to create and manage almost anything from database to machine learning models and much more. You will be learning each of them in some depth building practical demonstration, and certain projects on topics like Lambda , IAM, API Gateway, etc. At later parts we would develop and deploy our test applications on AWS . This course covers wide range of AWS services including- STORAGE Services- S3, Glacier, EBS, EFS, Storage Gateway COMPUTE Services- EC2, Beanstalk, Lambda, Container, Lightsail, VPC DATABASE Services- DynamoDB, Elasticache, RDS, Redshift ANALYTICS Services- Kinesis, Elastic Map Reduce, Athena, Cloudsearch, Quicksight MOBILE Services- Mobile Hub, AppSync, Device Farm, Pinpoint ACCESS MANAGEMENT- IAM, Cognito, Cloud Watch AWS DEVELOPER TOOLS- Cloud9, Code Build, Code Commit, Code Pipeline, Code Star MACHINE LEARNING- Amazon Comprehend, Lex, Polly, Amazon Rekognition, Transcribe and Translate, Sagemaker GAME, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality- Gamelift, Sumerian MIGRATION Services- Migration Hub, Snowball APPLICATION INTEGRATION- Amazon MQ, Simple Notification Service, Simple Queue Service, Step Function, SWS SECURITY Services – Artifact, Certificate Manager, Cloud HSM, Directory Service, Guard Duty, Inspector, Secrets Manager, Single Sign on, WAF and Shield.

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