Awaken Your Inner Viking Shaman – Advanced [certified] by Yehuda Ben Jehoshua

Udemy course Awaken Your Inner Viking Shaman – Advanced [certified] by Yehuda Ben Jehoshua

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  • Author: Yehuda Ben Jehoshua
  • Course rating: 4.9
  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Yehuda Ben Jehoshua

A prolific media director/producer, organizational meditator, and creativity life coach. He has three decades of global cultural experience in the USA, United Kingdom, Israel, Brazil, and elsewhere. He loves stories and works the power of narrative in media for individuals and organizations. During his several careers, from law to psychology to film, he has applied principles of innovation and mediation to create and enhance media products and people’s lives

Awaken Your Inner Viking Shaman - Advanced [certified]

What the udemy Awaken Your Inner Viking Shaman – Advanced [certified] course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to get and stay “Viking fit”, with a 9-step fitness routine and general confidence-building tips. A technique for deepening trance and communing with nature through the Norse tradition of ute sitte and the optional use of plant medicines. Read Norse runes, make bind runes, and work with the 9 rune songs (traditional Norse songs that link to deities, runes and body points). Two client sessions. How to help others psychologically and spiritually, through narrative and touch, by going on soul retrieval journeys and maybe extracting intrusive spirits. How to meet and work with wise-and-well ancestors with a fire ceremony. Traditional Norse concepts around fate, energy, honor, and ancestors, namely wyrd, orlog, the desir, ergi, and the tradition of sumbel. Detailed instructions for how to conduct a limited, one-on-one oracular session in the Norse seidr (seithr) style as described in the Norse sagas. Learn how to go deeper into trance and align energetically within, to act as a channel (medium/oracle) between a deity and a client who has questions. As a small group, summon and co-create an encounter with a deity or similar wise and compassionate spirit. Can have a challenge phase for game-like teamwork. More songs (in English and Norwegian) for rattle, drum, or guitar.

add runes, healing, Norse Seidr, and summoning circles to your practice

More information about the course Awaken Your Inner Viking Shaman – Advanced [certified]

Why act as a shaman? Traditionally, shamans do much more than go on journeys to the spirit world. They act as important, helpful members of their communities. When people aren’t feeling well, in whatever way, they come to the shaman for “healing”, which means gaining, or re-gaining energy and insights for daily life. With caring and attention, you can “hold space”, lead groups on journeys, and even journey for someone else (with their permission). Unlike the Beginner and Intermediate courses, you will mostly be working with others and you will not necessarily rely on repetitive drumming, at least not for yourself. Instead, you will be walking the shaman’s path in trance, more closely aligned with the spirits and allowing them to work through you. By the end, you will know how to give basic rune stone readings, help take people through simple clearing and dedication ceremonies, go on “soul retrieval” journeys to provide energy for others, act as an oracle to answer others’ pressing questions, and conduct a summoning circle, which is an opportunity for people co-create a journey with a deity or similarly powerful (and benevolent) spirit. What does the course involve? This is a concise and comprehensive course. Each lesson carries you further on a journey of understanding and discovery. Beyond the five hours of video lecture and demonstrations, we encourage you to do the exercises. And please do them carefully and thoughtfully, especially when they involve other people. Work with your main spirit helpers, asking them for guidance and energy, and approach the work with respect and a focused, rested attitude. You will also find pithy reading material and reference sheets that you can print and refer to at a glance. There are short self-tests to help you absorb the finer points. As always, if you are musically inclined, there are new songs. Ideally, allow up to a month or two to absorb the course even though a week is, in theory, doable. There are many ins-and-outs. Even after you earn the certificate, you will find yourself making discoveries for months, even years, to come. Why Norse philosophy and practices? This course goes beyond cosmology to cover philosophy and cultural practices. For example, a Norse shaman would draw rune stones as a vitki or deliver answers as a seid -worker. Underlying these practices are philosophical views about fate, honor, character, nature, and change. This is a great framework to do psychological and spiritual work, whether working alone or with others. The course is not religious or ethnic in nature, and it does not aim to match Norse heathen or pagan beliefs or rites. For example, seidr here is quite similar in function to actual Norse seidr but is presented only for doing on-on-one work with a client and does not require a circle of singers. That said, we do our best to respect established Norse ideas. Also, this course does is not about casting spells, referring to the occult, or pushing spirit power (might) onto others. Instead, you will learn to evoke an atmosphere of joyful “magical moments”, when the air is electric and the heart is afire. This is particularly possible when journeying with others. Consider, the “Bifrost Bridge” is a mistranslation of “Bilrost Bridge”, and Bilrost refers to life’s rare, shimmering moments. What’s shamanic work with others? A drumming journey is a core shamanic practice. Traditionally, by following the repetitive sound of a rattle, drum or chant, and focusing on a select memory and mission, you enter an altered state of consciousness. This relaxes the ego and allows in helpful material from the unconscious. However, by the end of this course, you will likely be getting into trance in a variety of ways, including dynamic drumming with singing, visualization and breath work, or spontaneously without any aid at all. You’ll come to train your mind in a new kind of habit, to shift in and out of the spirit world at will. As always, the process is more t…

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