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Udemy course Artisan Sourdough Made Simple by Dragan Matijevic

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  • Author: Dragan Matijevic
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Abouth Dragan Matijevic

Lifelong bakers Dragan Matijevic and his partner, Penny Williams, set up their first microbakery in Oxford, 2008, selling artisan bread to locals from “The smallest bakery in the world” –  a tiny, converted garden store.  It was originally intended as a side-project, something to complement their freelance incomes as a magician (Dragan) and a copywriter/ translator (Penny). But the bread had other ideas!  It proved such a success that they were soon baking six days a week, and being asked to give classes.

Artisan Sourdough Made Simple

What the udemy Artisan Sourdough Made Simple course teaches?

What you’ll learn Create a natural, wild yeast starter using flour and water. Maintain this starter in the fridge. Use the starter to make your own leaven. Bake 6 different delicious, nutritious and beautiful artisan sourdough breads – including 2-day sourdough baguette. Use the principles of slow fermentation and fridge retardation to make the baking fit around your schedule, not the other way around!

How to make stunning breads using natural leaven.

More information about the course Artisan Sourdough Made Simple

Master the ancient art of baking with a wild yeast leaven to create nutritious, delicious and beautiful sourdough breads. Learn how to make and manage your own leaven and bake genuine artisan sourdoughs with surprisingly little effort. Follow step-by-step video instructions from expert artisan bakers Complete six authentic sourdough bread projects Get the sourdough taste and texture you’ve always wanted, from mildly tangy  to truly tart-  and, if you like it that way, properly holey! Discover the trick of fitting “slow dough” into the fastest lifestyles! Learn a wonderfully simple sourdough routine that’s good for you, body and soul. Hand-made sourdough bread is real bread. It’s better for your body, thanks to its low GI, and the way fermentation modifies gluten, making it easier for your gut to digest, while making nutrients in the flour more bio-available. It’s also good for your soul. A freshly baked artisan sourdough on the table is guaranteed to warm anyone’s heart – and the good news is that you can easily do this every day. Content and overview Our practical course is designed to give you crystal clear instructions on how to build beautiful, sourdough bread-baking into your everyday life. No stress, no fuss. Just a simple, 5-minute routine. We start by explaining what a natural, wild yeast starter (leaven) is, and exactly how to make and look after your own.  Creating the starter takes about 1 minute a day for 5 days, but after that you can keep it going for the rest of your life. Once your starter is established, you’re ready to begin the first of our six authentic sourdough projects. Each one gives you an insight into a different technique, a different flour, or ways to incorporate other ingredients.  Together, they build your knowledge and experience of key sourdough principles such as leaven use, hydration, fermentation and retardation. Whether it’s a crackling baguette, a fragrant thyme and olive bread  or a rich walnut rye, we aim to give you enough knowledge and confidence to regularly bake all your own sourdough breads for yourself with virtually no effort at all. Here are a few of our favourite 5 star testimonials from our other courses: I gave five stars because the genuine enthusiasm of Penny and Dragan is so infectious, and all the various aspects are explained and demonstrated in such an easy to follow manner. I felt drawn in and couldn’t wait to get a starter going. I’m looking forward to the time when I have rocked & rolled & chafed and, hopefully, ended up with a lovely smooth ball of dough – like the one that Dragan cradled in his hands so affectionately. Looks a little like play dough for grown-ups. George.E. Morley Penny and Dragan removed the mystique surrounding sourdough and made it very “do-able.” Really love the FAB recipe! Bobby Ollar …The bonus too is they show the stages of dough development clearly and this was something I struggled to understand before this course. They keep it simple as bread baking should be. I’m really looking forward to more courses. Julia Bilecki Dragan and Penny! Thank you for putting together such an awesome course. Incredible support, you know what you are talking about. Very insightful course. I really learned a lot, all of the additional advice/tips very helpful and useful. All the best for you. Marcelo Ariatti The videos are priceless! Aden Why not check out the promo video and the free lectures for yourself?

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