“Anatomy of Yoga” 2: Teacher Training Workshop Series by Laura Goellner

Udemy course “Anatomy of Yoga” 2: Teacher Training Workshop Series by Laura Goellner

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  • Author: Laura Goellner
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Abouth Laura Goellner

I started teaching yoga and mat pilates in 2005 while I was earning my BA in Psychology. I went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and have been working in physical rehabilitation since 2009. In 2015 I completed my training as a Massage Therapist with a specialty in treatment of the Lymphatic System. My passion is to combine the traditional medical model with the complimentary techniques offered in eastern traditions through my work as a Yoga Therapist.

What the udemy “Anatomy of Yoga” 2: Teacher Training Workshop Series course teaches?

What you’ll learn How yoga interacts with the Nervous System How to stimulate the Vagus nerve An introduction to Polyvegal theory How The Sensory System gives us access to the nervous system The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous system The Respiratory system The core muscles The Digestive System The Vascular systems: Cardiovascular and Lymphatic How yoga impacts the Immune System How yoga impacts the Urinary system The endocrine system compared with the Chakras and Psychology Yoga injury prevention Yoga Teacher’s Scope of Practice How Exercise Science informs a safer yoga practice Building resilience through progressive loading Show more Show less

Injury Prevention and How Yoga interacts with the Body’s Organ Systems

More information about the course “Anatomy of Yoga” 2: Teacher Training Workshop Series

This is part 2 in the ” Anatomy of Yoga ” workshop series to cover the way that the practice of yoga interacts with the body systems – This is where we go beyond just the muscles and bones to understand the organ systems!  The information in this course is the basis for progressing your skills to become a more effective yoga teacher. This course was designed for Yoga Teachers looking to deepen their understanding of body science. This course can also be utilized in your Yoga Teacher Training program (along with part 2 and 3)  to fill the required 30 hours of Anatomy and Physiology training. If you are already a yoga teacher- this is a great way to “fill in the gaps” if the Yoga Teacher Training you attended did not provide in depth information about the body. I am am certified through both Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists as a continuing education provider.  Continuing education credits (non-contact) can be earned through the completion of this course. Upon course completion you will get a certificate from Udemy that you can submit on the Yoga Alliance dashboard. This course was recorded LIVE as it was delivered over Zoom- so you can hear the students asking questions in real time.  I utilize clear visuals in the form of slides that are provided as a downloadable PDF at the beginning of each section. I also utilize the Complete Anatomy App for detailed “virtual dissections” of the body. The best part is that you can work at your own pace and go back to review any information as needed…an essential part to fully absorbing the complex topic of anatomy. The Topics Covered in Part 1 of the “Anatomy of Yoga” workshop series are: – How yoga interacts with the nervous system – The structure of the Neuron – the building block of the Nervous System – The Central and Peripheral Nervous system – The Vagus Nerve and the Relaxation Response – The spinal Nerves – Sensory input- the Language of the nervous system – The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System – How to activate the Relaxation Response – Introduction to Polyvagal Theory – The Sensory System and Sensory Diet Techniques – The Respiratory System and how it interacts with Yoga – The Core Muscles – The Digestive System & how it interacts with Yoga – The Cardiovascular System and how it interacts with Yoga – The Lymphatic System and how it interacts with yoga – The Immune System and how Yoga supports proper function – The Urinary system and how yoga interacts with it – The endocrine System and how it relates to the Subtle Body and Chakra System – Psychology as it relates to the endocrine system – Yoga Injury Prevention – Utilizing Exercise Science to build resilience – Alignment considerations in Yoga Safety – Common Yoga Injuries and how to Prevent Them These videos total over 10 hours of coursework and include 5 slide shows as detailed downloadable PDF resources. The remainder of coursework for the “Anatomy of Yoga” workshop series will be covered in the next segments of the course. Each topic is discussed with a focus on how it relates directly to yoga practice. The information is conveyed in a way that is applicable to what you do as a yoga teacher and how you can utilize this information to better meet the needs of your students. Thank you for your interest in my course- I look forward to sharing my love of Yoga & Anatomy with you!

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