Ambient Computing – A complete guide on Ambient Technology by Wizdom Learning

Udemy course Ambient Computing – A complete guide on Ambient Technology by Wizdom Learning

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Ambient Computing – A complete guide on Ambient Technology

What the udemy Ambient Computing – A complete guide on Ambient Technology course teaches?

What you’ll learn . Understand the core fundamentals of Ambient Computing . Learn about the role of key technology elements such as IoT, AI, ML, AR/VR etc in Ambient Computing . Explore the framework for Ambient Computing . Understand the required architecture for Ambient systems . Learn about the key pillars of user experience, design, context and intent . Learn about the key innovations happening in Ambient Computing . Explore the strategies of key players deployed by technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft . Explore the key trends impacting the uptake of Ambient Computing and its future roadmap

All you need to know about Ambient Computing, Ambient intelligence, Smart homes and Ambient technology roadmap

More information about the course Ambient Computing – A complete guide on Ambient Technology

There is a lot of buzz around Ambient Computing and right so. Market analysts are predicting that Ambient Computing will become all-pervasive in our lives in the next couple of years. Ambient computing is already providing some of the intelligent services that we are consuming every day without even realizing. Some of these include our virtual personal assistants, our voice-driven speakers in the living room, and our smart thermostats. The core concept of ambient computing is to create an environment where humans and machines can work together more seamlessly to create a better experience for everyone. Ambient Computing leverages interconnected concepts and technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Innovation and rapid development to create integrated smart homes and workspaces are leading to ambient computing becoming the norm for how we communicate and innovate. Ambient computing will ensure that our environment, including our communication and collaboration tools will be able to help us to make better decisions and remain more efficient. With technology giants Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft investing heavily in Ambient Computing, it is set to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. This course has been designed to give you a complete and in-depth perspective on Ambient Computing. The course depth is unmatched and covers all key aspects. Through this course, you will learn: . Core fundamentals of ambient computing . The current state of ambient systems and exploration of various ways in which we are experiencing them . Key characteristics of ambient systems . Challenges and risks in adoption of ambient computing technology . Exploration of ambient computing trends in Smart homes, Smart fitness and health devices, and smart cars . Key driving factors for rising of ambient computing . Applications of ambient computing in various industries . Implications in terms of data security and privacy . Role of neural networks, deep learning algorithms and smart devices, and other technology elements in the ambient ecosystem . Framework for ambient computing to sense, analyze data and action . Role of voice gateways, voice-enabled devices, and voice-based personal assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant . Factors driving the development of smart devices for ambient computing . Elements for designing a great user experience . Role of User Intent and Context . Building intelligent user interfaces . Factors to be considered while designing an ambient system . Ambient Computing working in a Smart Home . Technology architecture of an ambient computing system . Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) . Working and data flow in an ambient system . Expected future trends and roadmap . Ambient Computing strategies and offering of key technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Samsung Our team of experts has carefully curated the course content. We are sure that you will draw a lot of value out of this course. So go ahead and take the course. See you inside. Regards, Team Wizdom

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