Advanced Block Modelling and Resource Estimation by Mining Geologist

Udemy course Advanced Block Modelling and Resource Estimation by Mining Geologist

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  • Author: Mining Geologist
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Abouth Mining Geologist

I m a Professional mining engineer with years of consulting experience in the mining industry, including open cut and underground hard rock mining, quarrying and open cut coal mining. i m  Involved in the planning and development of many large open cut mines in Australia, Indonesia, Asia, North America, Africa and South America.

Advanced Block Modelling and Resource Estimation

What the udemy Advanced Block Modelling and Resource Estimation course teaches?

What you’ll learn Create a Geological database Visualize drillholes in 3D and create custom legend Analyse assay statistical data Soft and hard boundary analysis Grade Population count Sample compositing Calculating a reference global grade/tonnage estimate Creating an empty block model Defining a search ellipsoid Grade interpolation Resource reporting / Classification Show more Show less

From Drillholes to Resource classification

More information about the course Advanced Block Modelling and Resource Estimation

This block modelling course will teach you to create an efficient block model and estimate the grade and tonnage of a mineral resource using one of the best software in the mining industry which is Micromine. This advanced course outlines the main steps needed to perform the estimation and provides background information where needed to explain the underlying statistical concepts. This course Begins by statistically describing the data (mean, median, histograms…), and then we move to the steps required to construct a block model like Drillhole compositing, blank model creation and the classical Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW) interpolation for estimation. Lastly, we will classify the block model into Measured, Indicated, and Inferred categories based on the level of confidence in the assay data and how close the estimated block to the assay data and then report on the ore grade and tonnage within each category. Even that this course might look like it is for experienced geologists, mining engineers, or geoscientists in general it’s delivered in an easy to follow methodology where beginners can follow along too. Any questions related to the course subject or the software used will be answered and more lectures will be added if needed. A part 2 of this course will be created soon that will get into geostatistical methods and variogram modelling.

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