Action Script 3.0 with Adobe Flash by Art & Animation

Udemy course Action Script 3.0 with Adobe Flash by Art & Animation

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  • Author: Art & Animation
  • Course rating: 4.1
  • Category: Design
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Art & Animation

Art and Animation is sub-company of Aroha Media is a full-service Digital Art/Design and 2D digital animation studio offering end to end solutions in 2D computer animation, art and design for mobile games and digital illustration. Aroha has delivered several seasons of International broadcast animation, several art solutions for mobile games for IOS and android, promotional videos and design and animation solutions to several International E-learning products. Aroha has a core team of highly skilled and experienced Designers and Artists that are versatile and provide high quality visual designs across several platforms.

Action Script 3.0 with Adobe Flash

What the udemy Action Script 3.0 with Adobe Flash course teaches?

What you’ll learn Develope Simple Website, Develope basic applications using scripts, Develope Calmculator

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More information about the course Action Script 3.0 with Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is an excellent tool to learn animation & multimedia, but to make these animation more interactive and interesting you require programming/scripting. This can be done with the help of Action Script 3.0, which is in-built in Adobe Flash Software. Web development and Presentations in Flash use Action Script programming to a great extent to control the animation on-screen. In this tutorial, you will get an overview of Adobe® Action Script® 3.0, the latest revolutionary version of Action Script. Course includes intro to AS 3.0 to making bit complex scripting programs as we move on. At the end of this course you will be able to make calculator on your own. Its 10-15 days course. Hope you will find this very helpful. This course gives good basic knowledge to students who would want or wish to get in to intermediate and advance learning of action script 3.0 with adobe flash. In our other courses we covered animation part e.g. character animations, visual effects animations, text animation, image animations. Once these animations are ready you can add interactivity to these with the help of Action Script 3.0. Interactivity means involving user in to animation/topic by giving him control on certain movements in animation. You can create simple games using AS 3.0.

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