A complete guide to Accounting , Finance & Bookkeeping by Finance Geeks

Udemy course A complete guide to Accounting , Finance & Bookkeeping by Finance Geeks

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  • Author: Finance Geeks
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Abouth Finance Geeks

I am a F.C.A, M.B.A and R.V. with more than 9 years of experience in advance financial management , mergers and acquisitions, valuations, corporate finance and accounting. It is my belief that no matter which profession, business or industry you are in , you need to understand and master core concepts of finance and business to leave your mark in your chosen field and world.

A complete guide to Accounting , Finance & Bookkeeping

What the udemy A complete guide to Accounting , Finance & Bookkeeping course teaches?

What you’ll learn A complete guide on Accounting , Finance & Bookkeeping

Learn accounting, finance & bookkeeping by using practical and extensive case studies in a well designed course.

More information about the course A complete guide to Accounting , Finance & Bookkeeping

One of the most intuitive Finance courses available on Udemy, it includes everything you’ll need. We will start with building a solid foundation from “what is accounting ?”  to gradually taking you to a stage “when you yourself can prepare accounts of any business from scratch.” Why accounting ? Why the course matters? Because accounting is the language of business. And no matter what you do, sooner or later you have to deal with money and money speaks the language of accounts. One of the first skills that John D. Rockefeller learned was Accounting & Bookkeeping. All his life, he celebrated 26th September as JOB DAY, the most important day in his life, the day he got his job as a bookkeeper. ACCOUNTING AS A CAREER Accounting is one of the best ways to get your foot in the finance world. No matter the time, be it recession or boom, accountants never go out of business. The skill of accounting remains with you and is a valuable tool which will help you all your life. AFTER DOING THIS COURSE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO Analyze and record the transactions which any business undertakes. Perform the entire accounting cycle from scratch. Build a solid foundation of accounting & finance. Understand and apply core fundamental accounting principles like accounting equations & double entry system of bookkeeping. Understand Debits & credits Perform Journalizing of accounting entries in the Journal Book. Prepare Accounting Ledgers, Posting & Balancing of accounts. Prepare Trial Balance Prepare Income Statement Prepare Statement of Retained earnings Prepare Balance Sheet How this course is different from other courses? The entire course is taught using extensive examples and case studies. Nothing is assumed and everything is taught. The instructor is himself a qualified chartered accountant teaching for more than 8 years with real work experience working with Big 4 accounting firms. The course is not a collection of boring lectures and there are certain things you can not understand just by googling it. The course teaches you the art of accounting in a cohesive manner. And finally if you don’t like it , there is a money back guarantee. If you don’t find the course interesting , you will get your money back. Who this course is for: Anyone interested in how accounting works (no prior accounting experience is needed). Entrepreneurs Aspiring Accountants and Financial Analysts Aspiring Investment Bankers Accounting Students Anyone wishing to understand a company’s financials for the purpose of accounting or any other. Anyone wishing to be successful in the world of Business & Finance

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