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Udemy course 5G Drive Test: Troubleshooting by Mobilecomm Professional Inc.

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5G Drive Test: Troubleshooting

What the udemy 5G Drive Test: Troubleshooting course teaches?

What you’ll learn Understand in detail The Drive Test process, types of Drive Tests Look at the general approach followed in Drive Test Discuss the 5G Different types of measurement performed in 5G Briefly discuss the optimization solutions in 5G Discuss the case study

Introduction to 5G Drive Test and Troubleshooting

More information about the course 5G Drive Test: Troubleshooting

In this course, we will discuss the 5G drive test process covering types of drive tests, when and where they are used. We are going to discuss the  different issues identified by the drive test and some issues that require DT to be performed for identifying the necessary degradation experienced by the network  which can be due to call drop, less speed, improper coverage and many more, and also look at the corrective network optimization measures that can be performed to resolve the underlying issues. We will look into the End to End (E2E) high-level Drive test-based optimization and what is the general approach regarding the same. The Drive test parameters defining signal strength, signal quality, beam management etc. in 5G are discussed their expected ranges are defined. We will also look at the set of key performance metrics (KPI’s) like accessibility, integrity, retainability etc. in 5G and perform the analysis for performance improvement in the network. Lastly, we will look at the case studies wherein we will look at certain use cases which were seen during the deployment of 5G. these examples will help in understanding the coverage issues,  beam issues. we will also see an example of NEMO tool on 5G band N78 (3500MHz). So, this course provides a foundation on the deployment aspect and the birds eye view on the optimization process.

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