4-Figure Passive Income with Amazon KDP & Self-publishing by Tantiemen Guru

Udemy course 4-Figure Passive Income with Amazon KDP & Self-publishing by Tantiemen Guru

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  • Author: Tantiemen Guru
  • Course rating: 4.2
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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4-Figure Passive Income with Amazon KDP & Self-publishing

What the udemy 4-Figure Passive Income with Amazon KDP & Self-publishing course teaches?

What you’ll learn Self-publish ebooks and paperbacks with Amazon KDP and another distributor / other marketplaces as a indie author or self-publisher Build passive income (full or part-time) by publishing books Legal framework and tax related topics for indie authors Topic research: How to do a niche research and how to find keywords for profitable book topics Helpful tools for self-publishers Creating a KDP account and getting to know another distributor Step by step instructions how to create and publish an ebook and paperback How to create a cover, title, book description, etc. and much much more!

How to profitably write and publish (kindle) ebooks & paperbacks as a self-publisher or indie author. Just take a look!

More information about the course 4-Figure Passive Income with Amazon KDP & Self-publishing

The most complete & hands-on step by step guide to publishing books as a self-publisher. Make money online! In this course, you can learn my proven and profitable system that is currently producing about €1,000 or 1,200$ month per month (earnings differ each month) in passive income for me . Just take a look at the promotional video and I´ll show my earnings to you! Do you want to become an author or simply build up some monthly passive income and become financially free ? Then you’ve come to the right place! In March 2019, I started publishing books via Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and initially only earned about $50 per month. Over the time I was able to increase it to about €1,000 or 1,200$ per month (see promo video). So, you could say, I know what it really takes. And you’ll learn how I did it in this course in detail. Just follow my lead! With this course, you can become a self-publisher profitably, risk-free, and with no to very little upfront costs. You will learn how to write an ebook or paperback – or have it written – and publish on Amazon and many other marketplaces through another distributor. A big advantage with KDP and print on demand: you just provide the manuscript & cover, plus a few other details. Everything regarding sales, delivery, customer service and more is handled by Amazon. If you have sold something you’ll conveniently receive royalties at the end of the month! With this hands-on and compact beginner course on Kindle Direct Publishing, you’ll learn my system in detail. Just follow me step by step! And once you have a few books, the ongoing effort is minimal. Checking payments and making a few updates to your books every now and then. Check out the course promo video right now and enroll today to take a big step towards financial freedom! By the way: You can also outsource many (even almost all) steps and build this profitable online business with minimal time and labor. Why this course? The advantages for you at a glance: · You will learn step by step how to write and publish books (or have them written). · You’ll get a detailed look at my achievements & earnings and how I did it. Just follow my lead! · In this course you will also get some information about legal and tax related topics. · You can start this book business with no or very little upfront costs, so you have almost no risk. · You will learn my system, that currently generates 1,000€ or 1,200$ per month using practical examples. · A KDP business is ideally scalable. Whether 100, 1.000 or 10.000 $ per month, it depends on you! · You will learn everything about Amazon KDP and other distributors / marketplaces. · You will learn how to outsource many steps to save time. FAQ’s about the course: What can I learn in this KDP course? The course includes everything you need to know about a KDP business. You will learn what really matters if you want to publish books profitably. You will also learn my system step by step and in detail. So you can just follow my lead. In addition to everything necessary in order to create and publish a book, we’ll also talk about legal and tax related aspects. What do I need for the KDP selfpublishing course and how long does it take? The course has a total running time of more than 1 hour. Everything important is summarized in detail and in a practical way, so that your precious time is not wasted by any babbling. You don’t need much more than an internet connection and a PC. Which tools can be helpful, will be shown to you in the course. Who teaches this course for writers? “TantiemenGuru” means “royalty-guru”. As a Millennial and full-time engineer, I’ve been building a passive income part-time since 2019. The most profitable business currently is publishing books through Amazon KDP and other distributors. Just check out my current earnings in the course promovideo. Is it difficult to write and publish ebooks and paperbacks? Writing and publishing books seems harder than it is. Just about …

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