3 Steps to Mastering Credit Analysis From Scratch by Credit Finance Institute

Udemy course 3 Steps to Mastering Credit Analysis From Scratch by Credit Finance Institute

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Abouth Credit Finance Institute

Having worked in the Finance sector spanning banks, non-financial institutions and credit rating agencies, we are sharing some of the best kept secrets in credit analysis. As credit analysts ourselves, we have assessed thousands of generate corporates, assigned credit limits and avoided losses of over tens of millions in USD, as a result of accurate analysis.

3 Steps to Mastering Credit Analysis From Scratch

What the udemy 3 Steps to Mastering Credit Analysis From Scratch course teaches?

What you’ll learn Credit Analysis Financial Analysis Credit Rating Writing Credit Reports Annual Reports Financial Statements Commercial Credit Analysis Fundamentals of Credit Analysis

Write Credit Reports and Do Credit Ratings Like Professional Credit Analyst

More information about the course 3 Steps to Mastering Credit Analysis From Scratch

What you will get from this Course? You will receive the full set of tools, with the same level of quality that you would get or better, if you were trained directly inside a bank. Unlike other courses, we are very focused on the outcome. There are no theoretical textbook explanations with fictious examples. All examples used are real-life financial statements. Most importantly, you will be able to WRITE A CREDIT REPORT. No course out there offers you such a deal. Most courses simply tell you all the theory, derivations with no use in the actual workplace. What’s the point of knowing the definitions of cash flow? We teach you exactly how to write out an entire section about Cash flow analysis, the type of analysis seen in professional reports like those seen in S&P, Moody’s and Fitch. This is as real as it gets to working directly in a credit risk department in a bank or a company. On top of that you learn the actual CREDIT RATING. You will know what Rating to assign to a company. You won’t be lost reading about rating criteria and be stumped when it comes to the rating assignment. You will be able to confidently assign a rating and explain it professionally. No more paying for hundreds or thousands of dollars and still not able to write a credit report. If you are new to credit analysis, financial statements, I’d like to show you how to get started fast. If you already have been learning a little about analyzing financial statements, I like to show you how to systematically interpret them and write credit analysis reports which will help you grow your career in the financial sector to over 6-figures salary I’d give you all the tools, the techniques, the systems, all the wining frameworks, templates and the exact stuff that professionals look out for in financial statements and annual reports. Identify which parts of the financial statements that really matter in analysis Create analytical reports for your job or for your own investments Attract headhunters and the largest companies in the world to call you for interviews Rapidly grow your salary to the 6-figure range and broaden your choice of jobs Write effective reports that read professionally which credit rating agencies like what S&P, Moody’s produce And More… What you won’t get from this Course? If you are looking for textbooks, theories that won’t help you write a credit report or answer credit-related interviews, then you will be disappointed. We used to go through tons of such materials, and yet we still struggled when asked to write a credit report on a job interview as a case study. In other words, most courses and textbooks out there do not provide the bridge from theory to reality. We want to offer you training as good as you will get if you join a bank or a financial institution. The best suite of training materials to support you in everyway possible so that you can jump straight into any credit analyst job right away.

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