21 days – 21 workouts: HIIT Boot Camp| No equipment by Caroline Wirthle

Udemy course 21 days – 21 workouts: HIIT Boot Camp| No equipment by Caroline Wirthle

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  • Author: Caroline Wirthle
  • Course rating: 4.8
  • Category: Fitness
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Caroline Wirthle

Caroline is a former track and field and weight lifting athlete. After her career in track and field, she pursued several roles as Fitness and Aerobics Instructor, Pilates, Yoga and Personal Trainer. Her extensive background and education allowed her to work internationally as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She then moved on to a more therapeutic path, as a Certified Rolfer for Structural Integration working on Fascia and Connective Tissue as a Therapist. She is the creator of the Corrective Works Program. Her goal is to help her students to feel more energetic, alive and confident. She wants to inspire people to embrace working out as a part of their daily routine. Working out anytime anywhere, but smartly and efficiently! Her workouts are designed around a progression of intensity and allow her students to start from anywhere to build long lasting mobility, endurance and strength. All exercises respect your joints and spine and are chosen for the best functional way to move your body.

21 days - 21 workouts: HIIT Boot Camp| No equipment

What the udemy 21 days – 21 workouts: HIIT Boot Camp| No equipment course teaches?

What you’ll learn Your Workout Planner to take anywhere: Home, Gym or Outdoors. No equipment required. High Intensity Interval Training on a 10 seconds of rest – 45 seconds of workout metric 21 workouts with a progression in exercise intensity and workout length Build endurance and strength with Athletic Work, Kickboxing and Core Training Each workout will give you a Warm Up, Workout, Cool Down and Stretch Explosive exercises for fitness and fierceness Increase your agility, range of motion and mobility Increase your metabolism and burn a ton of calories Save time with pre-programmed workouts that count exercise and rest intervals for you

Fit and Fierce in 21 Days of High Intensity Interval Training combining Kickboxing, Athletic Drills and Core Strength

More information about the course 21 days – 21 workouts: HIIT Boot Camp| No equipment

Welcome to Boot Camp! Become an athlete at your own pace with this 21 days HIIT Boot Camp Series! What will you get? This High Intensity Interval Training will make you feel alive, burn calories and increase your metabolism significantly. Gain a secret weapon in your toolbox today, allowing you to stay fit anywhere and anytime, no matter your time and space constraints. This is an intermediate workout series that will push you all the way to advanced – and a fitter, more confident version of yourself. Gain more sexiness, look more agile and energetic, reduce your biological age by preserving good posture, mobility and avoid pain. Work on your agility, cardio and core strength through athletic work, kickboxing and explosive exercises. Buy my Course now! Free Previews available! Make your loved ones the same gift by sharing this course with them. Increase your vitality and wellbeing – push beyond your limits! The HIIT Boot Camp is a high intensity and high impact workout that requires a good fitness level. This Workout Series contains jumps, runs and dynamic plank exercises. You need good balance as well as core strength to perform the exercises correctly. Be part of something bigger Part of the revenue goes to The Ocean Cleanup. Working out with this course will help bring ocean plastic back on shore and prevent it from entering the oceans in the first place via the world’s great rivers.

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