[2020] – Frontend Developer Interview Questions & Answers by Sunil Thakran

Udemy course [2020] – Frontend Developer Interview Questions & Answers by Sunil Thakran

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Abouth Sunil Thakran

An Autodidact Frontend Developer | Certified SAFe 5.0 Agilist | Enterprise Architect | Servant-leader.

[2020] - Frontend Developer Interview Questions & Answers

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Javascript, CSS, and HTML Interview Preparation

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Hi and welcome to my course. I am a self-taught Frontend Web Developer and have worked on several different projects with all sizes of companies out there. Companies that had a small team of just 2 Developers to companies that had 33 Developers on the team. With all these projects came a prerequisite, Interviews! Finding a new job can be challenging and intimidating some times. Frontend Technologies are evolving every day and all job requirements seem to be for someone who’s no short of a genius “someone who can hit the ground running from the very first day”. The Frontend Development terminology has evolved so much and everyone has a different definition and understanding of it nowadays. Everyone’s looking for a “Frontend Developer” who can also perform Design, Backend, and DevOps tasks as well. Let me share my experience when it comes to interviewing for a new job. Always focus on self-education, your first few job applications should be for the job locations that you’re probably not interested in. That’ll help you understand the current trends/wants of a Frontend Developer job. Some job descriptions could look very intimidating and leave you wondering if you’d be the right fit for the job or not. Remember, not all job requirements come from the actual team you might join if you’re selected. Some of the requirements are just Nice-to-haves or standards that are set by the company for that type of role in any team/department. Make sure you’re managing your time. Don’t schedule interviews for more time than you can handle in a day, that can be pretty overwhelming. The more focused and calm you’re, the more you can dig into your interviews and be confident. Just in one day, I had 3 interviews that totaled in 8 hours. By the third interview, I was so burnt out that I couldn’t even think of some basic answers and examples to some of the questions. During the interview, don’t be afraid to ask questions at any time. It should be as important for you to understand what you’re signing up for as whom they are hiring. The interviews I enjoyed the most were where I was asking a lot of questions as well and it was more like a conversation rather an interrogation. And those landed me the jobs I wanted. Speak from experiences where you can, provide real-world examples. Speak slowly and confidently, ask them to repeat themselves if you didn’t catch something or understand anything. You don’t have to know the answer to everything they ask, it could be something you haven’t worked with yet, be honest. If you’re coding live and get stuck somewhere, ask for help/hints. Most interviewers in my experience have helped me understand the requirements better or the directions I could take to overcome the mental blockage we have sometimes. It goes back to one of my previous comments, take it as a conversation/ peer programming. Work through the live coding sessions as you’d peer program/ pair code. Last but not least, enjoy the journey! This course will help you brush up on some of the fundamentals of Frontend Web Development. I have put together a list of 30 different Questions and Answers: 10 each for CSS, HTML, and Javascript. “Don’t stop learning because life doesn’t stop teaching.” ― Oscar Auliq-Ice “Frontend Developers never stop learning.” Lol. – Sunil Thakran

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